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What is Gestalt?

Gestalt is a German word to which there is no direct English translation in which we get the full meaning of the concept. However, it implies 'wholeness', integrating the foreground; that which is obvious and the background, that which could be an unseen, unacknowledged or unknown entity that influences the whole.

Our lives are filled with 'unfinished business', like bits and pieces of files that are not removed from our computer's hard-drive. Some are fully present, some are partly deleted and others are so deeply embedded into the disk that we do not even know that they are taking up space, slowing our computer down and causing viruses. This unfinished business is largely caused by unexpressed feelings of events and memories that we have perceived to be 'bad' in our earlier life and cause a host of negative emotions, which wreak havoc in our current daily lives and behavior. These deep-seated emotions can consist of anger, rage, hatred, guilt, anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem, depression and / or other feelings which 'steal' our lives and happiness.

Circumstances in life cause feelings to be generated from our past experiences of similar circumstances that we were exposed to. These feelings, if not brought to awareness, cause negative thoughts to develop causing poor decisions to be made that result in undesirable actions. And a continuous combination of these actions create our ultimate destiny! You can choose. You can really design your life ..... and Gestalt is an incredible tool to help you do that.

In 'self-work', Gestalt helps bring awareness of our emotions, thoughts and perceptions often from deep-seated and 'buried' hurts. Gestalt works in the here-and-now; it does not venture into the past causes of these self-defeating emotions but deals directly with your life today; today's feelings, emotions and somatic values. Discussion may lead to the past but it is not the focus.

Gestalt helps us to discover who we really and truly are, with a clean hard-drive, by fully experiencing ourselves, by accepting ourselves and appreciating our whole and complete selves. When this occurs, we consciously design our lives and move forward in a positive and healthy direction. Our happiness quotient increases, our step is lighter, we are healthier, we are more friendly and more connected, and we get more from our lives. We are living in 'wholeness'.
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