The EQUINE PATHWAY specialises in creating purposely transformed lives by bringing awareness, understanding and healing to our human condition; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We also empower our clients to become more aware of their capacity to consciously create their lives and dreams.

Specifically, we and our equine partners, heal and align your;
  • Emotional Light-Body,
  • Mental Light-Body
  • Spiritual Light-Body and thereby,
  • your Physical Body
Wayne's primary expertise is in helping men, especially pilots and aircrew, to build and develop positive masculine energy together with revolutionary responsibility, thereby creating clarity of purpose, authentic power and solid relationships.

  • Mentorship and role model teachings in;
    • The Higher Intelligences (Social, Emotional & Spiritual)
    • King Energy and Archetypes
    • The Hero's Journey
    • Leadership
  • Male Sexual Abuse
Through workshops and weekly men's groups, we also help one another to become more awake, more alive, more audacious and more inspired to live our life's purpose and mission, to the very fullest.

Sharon's speciality is in helping you to ………..
  • Build increased Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Create a state of Well-Being, Positivity and Happiness
  • Set New Goals and Overcome Old Habits
  • Live authentically in alignment with your fullest potential
  • Deal with your Inner Bully with Self-Compassion
  • Overcome Limiting Self Beliefs
As we develop, and our business grows, we are also planning to offer:
  • Sacred Sound and Tuning Fork healing
  • Light and Colour healing
  • Essences and Essential Oils
  • Nutrition and Herbal remedies
  • Ormus (orbitally rearranged, mono-atomic elements)
Please stay tuned and visit our website regularly for updates on these exciting developments. Better still, sign up here, and we will send you updates as these services and products become available.