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THE EQUINE PATHWAY™ is a leader in cellular and natural healing of the human mind, body and spirit. We partner with our beautiful horses by employing Equine Gestalt Coaching® together with a number of other natural practices to enable the human body to heal and thrive.

Your journey to ultimate health, wellbeing and happiness has 7 primary areas of focus using our cellular Pathway Method™.

Firstly, it must be stated that our premise is always that 'Prevention is Better than Cure" and a healthy Mind, healthy Emotions, healthly Spirit and healthy cells make a healthy body.

1. The Equine Pathway: Clearing and healing emotional and energetic blockages in our cellular structure, creating or identifying life purpose, correct thinking, the will to live, taking control, interest and guidance in your healing; all in partnership with our horses.
2. The Body-Fuel Pathway: Nutrition, Plants, Herbology and Water
3. The Body-Cleanup Pathway: Cleansing and Reducing Toxic Load
4. The Body-Motion Pathway: Movement and Exercise
5. The Body-Vibration Pathway: Balancing the Body Energy Centers
6. The Joy-Full Pathway: Creativity, Fun and Laughter.
7. The Nature-All Pathway: Connection to Nature, Mother Earth and Her Vibrations

We have a profound belief that given the correct mindset, knowledge and natural requirements, the human body has the uncanny and phenomenal ability to heal itself, regardless of it's current state. There are thousands of documented cases of "spontaneous" or radical remissions where western medicine has failed or was not used. Around this premise, we have developed an amazing health and wellbeing modality to help people heal from a cellular level.

Further, we have also identified that people who feel that they are "Not Enough", lack self-confidence or self-empowerment have life conditions and stressors that are robbing them of happiness, vitality and health. So we have developed a specific program called "FANTASTICAL YOU™" that will help you find your true magnificence through the EGC Method® and culminating in visually seeing your true Self through images taken with our beautiful equines. Whatever the archetype of your dreams, we will show you your true empowered self.

Ultimately, "The horse is the projection of people's dream about themselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence".
~ Pam Brown

We offer this exciting program and education through:
* One-on-One Private Coaching
* Workshops
* Corporate Retreats
* Weekly Support Groups
* Seminars
* Speaking Engagements
* Podcasts
* Online Courses
* Membership Subscriptions
* YouTube Channel

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Love and Light from The Equine Pathway Team!

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