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Meet Wayne

Wayne's Story

This is a story like no other - because it's my story! So, what makes this adventure so enthralling is that it all began in great turmoil; with emotional, physical and sexual abuse, including abandonment, as an initial life experience. The unadulterated rage, poor self-esteem, lack of social acceptability and integration made for a very lonely and unhappy childhood and a recipe for a life of misery, disaster, and repeated abuse. My "view" of the world, from this perspective, and massive vocational and relationship stress, lead to serious health, gut and eating issues by mid-life - including a diagnosis of Stage 1 cancer of the esophagus from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

So the sweetness of celebration, physical health beyond compare and of a truly magnificent life without the trappings of childhood trauma and the consequential emotional roller-coaster, is just that much more to be eternally grateful for; to appreciate in its fullness and wholeness, as the other side of the coin.

Did I do this; heal, by myself? Absolutely not! I have had many fortunate circumstances to be grateful for, many people to thank from the depths of my soul, including and especially my wife, Sharon. But it was hard work; no doubt! I hurt and pissed off a lot of people along the way, for which I ask forgiveness in my pain and anger, but I have been in the darkest of dark places, and I know what it is like to be there. I have first hand experience and first hand pain of war and the great adversities that life has to offer but many-a-time, these have proven to have been my greatest learning experiences and my greatest teachers.

So, this is my story of how I grew from broken child to Air Force jet pilot to airline captain and world tourist, and now, in the autumn of my life, have chosen to become a healer. To help heal those that are currently in the position that I was once in .... to give back to those desperately seeking escape from the enslavement of emotional pain, patriarchy, war and childhood abuse.

I was given the chance of life and if you are reading this, with a similar story of ill health and 'unfinished business' of emotional and psychological pain and hurt, I can help guide your way to 'the surface'. Will it be easy? ... No! It takes great courage and vulnerability to do self-work! But in time, the healthy and vibrant life you will design for yourself would be so worthwhile the effort and time you gifted yourself with. And, what is super cool, is that in your healing process, you get to play and connect with horses, something that would definitely have made my journey quicker, more grounded and much more fun had I been aware of this during my healing process. Daring You Greatly!

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