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Meet Kimberley

Kimberley's Story

As I belong to a family who think and believe in a manner not often experienced by my peers, I began to question everything about life from a very early age! Despite all the love and encouragement I received from my parents and siblings and despite all their faith in me, I was mercilessly bullied at school which seriously undermined my self esteem. With my own inner intuition , I knew beyond doubt that I was not what those at school called me, saying I would never amount to being more than a waitress...... who does that to a young girl with her entire life ahead of her???

No, I was born for greatness, kindness, caring and compassion and although it has taken me a number of years to overcome those limiting self-beliefs, perpetuated by those that bullied and put me down at school, I have never been more ready to step into being involved in my parents business , to support them in whichever way I can to help bring healing and well-being to others! The world of horses has personally helped me to thrive and step into my own truth and being a part of their world is an honour and a privilege for me. I have a Vision for myself and my future and that is one which allows me to assist my parents clients in a holistic approach to their nutritional needs and beauty care! All beauty without cruelty.... all organic.... all holistic, nature’s gift to us!
I am also hoping to take this a step further and learn to create holistic food and body care for horses and dogs! For now though I am excited to be the frontline for The Equine Pathway!
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