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Disclaimer and Implied Promise to Hold Harmless

All contents of this website and program, all education materials and all material mentioned or referred to in this website (including but not limited to DVD/video programs, audio programs, online courses, and any additional written material) - collectively known as “The Equine Pathway’s™ educational materials” - are provided strictly for educational and informational purposes only. None of the aforementioned information is intended to give medical advice, nor can it be construed as medical advice, and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease process. The information and opinions expressed in these materials are the author’s and are based on his/her education and experience only. Steps discussed on this website or applicable programs/materials may not apply or suit every reader or viewer as a result of biological individuality and genetic uniqueness along with the variance of each individual’s personal circumstances and health status. All these and other factors must be taken into consideration under the appropriate medical supervision of a physician with whom the reader or client has established a formal patient doctor relationship.
Contents of this website and accompanying material must not, under any circumstances, be construed to have intended to replace, modify or effect in any manner whatsoever the treatment prescribed by your own attending physician. Any implementation of any ideas, information or suggestions provided in these platforms must be undertaken only under direct advice, control and supervision of a competent, experienced, trained and licensed integrative physician. (DO or MD).
By using any contents from this website or accompanying material, all readers thereby EXPRESSLY agree and warrant that all actions taken pursuant to and results arising from the reading, coaching or program contents or viewing of the associated videos or accompanying material are their own acts and they bear the sole responsibility and accept the full consequences of their own actions, holding the Equine Pathway™, any of its instructors, coaches or practitioners totally harmless and free of any liability.
In addition, by viewing this website and accompanying material, all readers, students or clients also whole heartedly agree to hold the Equine Pathway™, instructors, coaches, practitioners, publisher, copyright owner, distributor, talent or any other party directly or indirectly involved with the creation or dissemination of this material harmless and not responsible for any direct or indirect consequences of actions taken pursuant to and results arising from the material (that is, the contents of this website and any of the accompanying materials, including video, audio, online course or any other additional reference material), whether that material was read, heard, viewed and/or used in any way.
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