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Taking Your Own Course


 How insidious is the slow and creeping effect of OVERWHELM? Here I am designing an online course for stress management and resilience training. I am working away, researching, reading, thinking about how best to present this material that it will be able to be easily absorbed by my clients and students but most importantly, how to get them to "DO THAT" not only "KNOW THAT". We are constantly being bombarded with mountains of information, some conflicting, causing extreme confusion and at other times, when the information is congruent, we are so busy that we just skim the surface and not only do we believe we "know it' but that we can "do it" as well. However, I know this is not the case! All research and experience has shown me that 99% of people who buy online courses never complete them!! That right 99%. That is a 99% failure rate for education that people have paid good money for! If there was a 99% college failure rate, there would be a massive outcry. So, my dilemma is, "How can I be different?" that makes a difference in my students lives? 

I am toiling with this and flying aeroplanes between continents 70% of my time, with 100% jet lag, getting ready to move our ranch, with four horses, four dogs, two cats and five people to a new location that I have not the foggiest notion of where it is right now. But I do know that the end date on this facility is 31 March 2018. Christmas and the holiday season is coming up, finances are flying out the door and I suddenly sat back with this feeling of dis-ease in my stomach and chest. I know that feeling so very well as I was a victim to it for the majority of my life before I consciously decided to do something about it. I know all about the detrimental effects of long-tem cortisol on the body and in the brain! I vowed with my new-found knowledge and experience that even though life is hectic, I would not allow myself to venture down that road again. So, what is my remedy for this? Teach! Constantly keep teaching which also forces me to be a role-model. People don't believe what you say - they believe your actions! 

I have therefore just arrived at that point that I have to "walk my walk and talk my talk"! Overwhelm and stress are on the rise and I have to take my own course. Much of it thankfully, is a lifestyle choice and my dietary, detoxification, connection to Self and Source and emotional choices are well entrenched leading to more resilience than I ever had before. But sleep is lacking, partly due to jet lag, meditation, contemplation and mindfulness are also in short supply. I also need to take my foot "off the gas" for a bit and spend some more time in the paddock with my four lovely and loving equines who have the uncanny ability to "ground" one without saying a word! 

Is it not strange how insidious stress and overwhelm creep up on one? But once in the conscious mind, and with the depth of knowledge and positive ACTION, then health and sanity can prevail. 

Wishing you a massively happy festive season.


Wayne's Personal Mission Statement


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Saturday, 04 December 2021

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