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Wayne's Personal Mission Statement

Wayne's Personal Mission Statement

I will strive to be fully aware and mindful of everything I do in my life with the aim of being in a state of joy, happiness, contentment and peace in all that I do. In doing so, I will be an example to everyone who crosses my path and will enrich my family with my presence so that they will be happy that I am home. I seek to actively connect with people and will act with courage; in an authentic manner, without fear of my vulnerabilities and will open my life to friendship and cooperation, by treating all living beings – regardless of race, color, religion or classification - with dignity, importance, compassion, kindness and fairness.

I will be mindful of my diet, will exercise regularly, and will look after my body-temple with wholeness and honor, as the greatest gift bestowed upon me by my creator.

I will approach my work with energy and creativity and will lead by example; my goal being to enrich the lives of my clients, colleagues and employees and show them their power and path to self-esteem and actualization. All decisions will be made in truth and integrity and I will strive to do my best everyday, taking nothing for granted, being eternally grateful and will not assume, or take anything personally. I will not work too hard but balance my time between adventure, fun, play and vacation – and to leave sufficient time for reading and continuous never-ending improvement and education.

I will wake each morning with excitement for my mission that will provide my family, my equine partners and myself with an abundant and comfortable lifestyle. In so doing, I will have the means to be of financial aid to the charities and organizations that are in alignment with my mission. I will live by the natural spiritual laws of the universe and will sustain life in all its forms. I will be open to all the wonders of Nature, Mother Earth and the Universe with childlike anticipation.

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