All bonds are built on trust.
Without it you have nothing.

Meet our Equine Partners. Who do we work with?


The horse is a mirror into your soul

What is The Equine Pathway Healing Centre?


About The Equine Pathway

We, at the EQUINE PATHWAY, believe in the free expression and expansion of all life. We believe that all people can, and should, live lives they truly choose and imagine for themselves - amazing and fantastic lives with safety, purpose, adventure and happiness - free of illness, disease, self-imposed limitations, fears and perceptions.

We are therefore dedicated to work with clients, who think as we do, and who are tired of the same repetitive life they have been living - that life, filled with pain, drama, stress, struggle and conflict. If you are ready, and really want to move ahead, heal (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually), change and thrive, we have the skills, 'smarts' and horses to help you find and travel your pathway to purpose and happiness.

We are experts at human transformation and we bring awareness, understanding, healing and wellbeing to the human condition as well as empowering the people who work with us, to consciously create and live their life of dreams.

If you think you are one of these people, if you want to inspire others, please call us and be prepared to hang onto your 'horses' - you're in for the journey of a lifetime.

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Our Mission
The Equine Pathway strives to make it our business to bring higher consciousness and personal transformation to the lives of others by being “change-agents” and role-models at the core of our existence and our business. We are passionate and committed to helping people become empowered and authentic through healing, awareness and responsibility. read more
Why Horses
The horse is a prey animal and has survived successfully for thousands of years. Their evolutionary success lies in their ability to be hyper-vigilant. read more

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man

Winston Churchill

Meet Our Horses

I am the princess of the Equine Pathway herd and also believe that I am the cutest and prettiest! I am the only mare so far and like my older brother, I am also of Spanish origin. I am an Andalusian cross Arab dapple grey and I love to run. Maybe that is because I am still 7 years young and think life is a blast.
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Hi, my name is Regalo de Escarlata but most folks just call me Regalo. My name means Scarlet Gift and my mom and dad often thank me for being such a great gift to them. I am the oldest of my siblings, and this year in April, I just turned 13, which in horse years is early adulthood.
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Hi there, my name is Zorion and I am the most chilled out horse in our family. Nothing phases me! In fact, I am a Gypsy Vanner and horses of my breed used to pull the Gypsy wagons all over Europe in the days gone by. The little Gypsy kids used to tend and look after us at the campsites.
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I am an American Quarter Horse and I am also the baby of the herd having just turned 5. When my “parents" first met me in September 2016, there was an instant connection between us and before I knew it we belonged to one another. My parents renamed me "In Full Flight"
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purposely transformed lives by bringing awareness, understanding and healing. read more


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Click to view more information on the Ranch / Upcoming Events / FAQ’s  read more

4. FAQ’s

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What is the Difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Meet the Equine Pathway Team

Wayne McNaughtonOwner / Partner
This is a story of triumph, of success and adventure. However, life is an experience in duality, so what makes this adventure so enthralling is that it all began in great turmoil. read more
Sharon McNaughtonOwner / Partner
Born in South Africa to an averagely happy, healthily dysfunctional family, I and my three siblings were raised by parents who truly loved us; more than they could one another. read more
Born into a family who think and believe in a manner not often experienced by my peers, I began to question everything about life from a very early age! read more