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Why horses?

The horse is a prey animal and has survived successfully for thousands of years. Their evolutionary success lies in their ability to be hyper-vigilant. They have developed an instinctual need to detect incongruities in their environment and in strangers, which requires that ‘stranger' to be honest about their feelings if they wish to be able to 'connect' with the horse. For the horse, being emotionally ‘fluid’ is a natural characteristic and they are sensitive, intuitive and highly aware of the energies around them.

Horses are always true to what they feel and experience, and when we are not, they mirror that behavior directly back to us. They instantaneously reflect our intentions, agendas and emotions. You may be able to hide behind your smile, or lie to yourself, or not be truthful with others, but here is the reality .... You cannot lie to a horse! They see right through the lie and 'feel' the truth. Horses have an acute ability to pick up on the most subtle of clues such as breathing, heart rate, posture and body language, which makes them highly attuned to any incongruence that we humans may exhibit between our internal feelings and our external expression.

This requires us to be in alignment with, and aware of, our own truth; with our own authenticity! Not what we are thinking, but what we are really feeling! Authenticity comes from the heart, not the over-active mind that is planning, rationalizing, thinking and worrying.

So horses teach us, very quickly, to be aware of our truth, our energy and intention. And in so doing, we become balanced, we create healing and expansion, we develop closer relationships and we move to higher levels of consciousness. This is our natural state where we can live true to ourselves in a state of peace, joy and harmony.

Horses are the ultimate partner to help heal our deeper traumas, early life experiences, present 'unfinished business' and false perceptions of our environment due to these experiences.

The horse therefore becomes an equal partner with the EGC practitioner in helping the client to realise their authentic truths, conscious or sub-conscious, which leads to a rapid, long-term healing and the ultimate understanding of a happy, 'in-flow' life, of wisdom and connection.
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