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Who does The Equine Pathway benefit?

By Sharon

Wednesday - 08th March 2017

Lightly snowing and bitterly cold, the morning heralds Wayne’s departure back to work. Looking at the wonderful vision we have for our intended lives, our goals for the future, our commitment to our family, our horses and our EGC practice, I am brought to life by the true beauty of it all. To give up on it, to not allow ourselves the opportunity to manifest it, to abort it in it’s infancy will be to defy Universal generosity and deny Universal expression and creativity! I am stepping out of the belief that this is ‘our’ dream and into the awareness that this is is the Universes’ dream FOR US, for all those who bare witness to it, especially those who see it manifest before them and for all those whose lives are transformed by being able to come here for a return to wholeness and healing…..this is to give life to a truly worthy and valuable endeavor! To ask ourselves this question “Who will benefit from this……. from the manifested dream?” is an exhilarating revelation. It is one which inspires both gratitude and excitement, wonder and awe and also, a renewed commitment to NURTURING the dream to it’s fullest potential. We walk in the belief and practice of that which is to our highest good, the good of the Universe and the good of ALL concerned……. this is our highest priority and our guiding force to the unseen. We trust implicitly, believing in the perfection of FLOW, being open to unexpected guidance and signs along the way and asking for both too and always being aware of ‘the gift of synchronicity’. So…….in asking this question…..”WHO benefits from our DREAM?” let me attempt to answer from an obvious standpoint, as the ‘unknown' is the domain of the Divine.

(1) As a direct tribute to the Divine and it’s genius and generosity. (2) Us…..in EVERY way and ways we have yet to discover (3) Our children ….as an example of the ‘miracle of faith’, the beauty of Vision, the power of a Miracle, as a home they know and remember for ever and as a sanctuary for themselves and our grand-children. (4) Our horses, in providing them with a wonderful place in which to live and a place in which they share, with our clients and ourselves, their gift of healing. (5) Our clients, in creating and co-creating a place of healing and beauty, a sanctuary for theirs and our souls and an example of Divine grace. (6) Birds, Butterflies, Bees and Dragonflies in co-creating a Divine Eco-system in which they thrive! (7) Our bodies, minds and souls as we Nurture our bodies through the gift of the fruit, herbs and vegetables that we grow and eat; our minds as we ever expand in knowledge and experience of a life well-lived; our souls as we co-create and expand in an ever increasing connection to Spirit, the Earth and Nature…… and Earth Sprites of course. ……..to be continued…...

Thursday ~ 09th March 2017

Last nights owl hooting was an enthralling lullaby! Such a satisfying day was had yesterday, particularly rich in mother/daughter time and in human connection. My thoughts lean primarily toward schoolwork and housework both clamoring for attention; vying with one another and creating a little bit of an off-kilter vibration within me! I am determined to stay calm and not sweat the small stuff…..prioritizing that which benefits me the most. I commit to paying attention to this…….giving myself permission to attend to my real needs…… not forgetting nor forfeiting my soul. Which brings me back to yesterdays inspiring revelation! The extended benefit of successful manifestation of co-creating our Vision! I use the word CO-CREATE with deliberate intent, as an indication of my reverence to the awareness that this is unquestionably a partnership of the highest order; a husband and wife, a partnership designed in Heaven and produced on Earth, in partnership with the Divine, the Angels, Nature and Earth Spirits. We, without them are both powerless and ineffective. It is a harmonious synergy whereby the greater good is expressed through us and by us. Nature works in perfection without us, but it is our observation, respect and reverence of that perfection that shines a light on the very miracle of it all. One just has to spend time in Nature or watch a Louis Schwartzberg movie to become aware of the magnitude of its’ magnificence and then to recognize our role in being created as an invaluable link to God’s perfection……. we are created by Source and in turn create through it thereby completing the cycle and perpetuating the miracle! All of Nature is the more miraculous in it’s existence because we view it through our eyes; savor it with our souls; hear it with our ears; taste it with our mouths; absorb it with our hearts, our minds and our bodies; smell it with our noses; hold it……dance in it……walk through it…..sit with it……with all we are blessed with it; feel it with ALL that we are; capture it, study it, reveal it, revel in it, respect and cherish it……..OR destroy and ignore it……selfish with ignorance! HOWEVER we choose to experience Nature, we are in partnership with it. Which brings me back to why there is Value to our Vision and the manifestation of our dream………..

(8) Nature, the Earth and Eco-system all benefit from the sacred partnership as we become stewards of the land. (9) The Angels benefit as we bring awareness and healing to our clients through the return to wholeness to their beings, balance to their chakras, and peace to their souls. We are the instrument of the Divine and in turn are able to utilize their instruments……. the power and the peace of the Labyrinth; the gift of healing and connection in the Angel Gate; Wonder and Beauty, Peace, Healing and Power through the use of Colour Therapy, Sacred Sound, Essential Oils and the Mandala; the essential gift of Healing through the Horse!

There is both an enormous gift and a responsibility in our choice! Our choice to become healers, our choice to work with horses, our choice to become advocates for TBAH and EGC and the Horse as Healer. There is more to sacrifice in staying stuck than there is to taking the leap and trusting the net to appear. We are ready and open to receive all help. Namaste.


(10) Our grand-children benefit in more ways than I can innumerate. We create for them a legacy…….a sense of belonging……a sense of roots and family. We introduce them to the wonder of Nature and the magic of life. We connect them to horses and all the wonders and lessons that has to offer. We connect ourselves to them in a way they will remember, long after we are gone.


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