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I am the princess of the Equine Pathway herd and also believe that I am the cutest and prettiest! I am the only mare so far and like my older brother, I am also of Spanish origin. I am an Andalusian cross Arab dapple grey and I love to run. Maybe that is because I am still 7 years young and think life is a blast.

I chose my parents a few years back when they visited a farm in BC where I was staying. I knew my owners were looking for a new home for me and so when Wayne and Sharon came to visit, I put on my best show to convince them to be my new parents. I knew they were smitten by my display! They did ask me if I would like to help them heal human’s but at the time I was still too young to understand what they wanted of me, however, they took me to a healing course they were attending and I got the idea.

I am now just old enough to start doing this work well and even though I am high-spirited, I have settled down enough to really enjoy helping people to find their own truths and inner selves.
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