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Linda S
28 September 2016
Cottage Grove, MN
Sharon has a very gentle, loving and insightful coaching style. Her ability to hold space for her client is amazing.

Bethany G
29 September 2016
Cadillac, MI
Sharon coached me through a very emotional and painful situation with grace and strength. She led me from helplessness to confidence and guided me to my own solution. I highly recommend Sharon’s coaching.

Vivian T
28 September 2016
San Diego, CA
Sharon’s work of the heart is of pure, loving heart energy. She has the ability to fully embrace her clients as they start on their journey of transformation. She is sensitive, magical, authentic and will stand by her clients whole-heartedly.

Lyn B
29 September 2016
Keller, TX
I had the pleasure of observing Sharon coach a client at a workshop. I was extremely touched by her open, loving heart and her compassion. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her in the future. I know all that work with her will feel supported by her compassion and intuitive ability to guide them to their inner wisdom and authentic selves.

Kai, O
28 September 2016
Sharon is so gentle and loving and as a coach she works with her heart wide open. She is sensitive to her clients needs, spoken and unspoken and holds space so well that clients feel totally safe in her care.

Margaret C
29 September 2016
Central, SC
Sharon is such a sweet, thoughtful, eloquent woman and a very creative, compassionate, tender coach. She has a very grounded energy that will calm the most distressed client. She will be a fabulous coach with her sweet, thoughtful husband.

Kacey W
5 April 2015
Sharon is a powerful, motivating, inspiring life coach. Those who work with her will be blessed.

Beth B
1 June 2016
Sharon was so kind and compassionate as my coach. She offered me a safe space and understanding while looking at a difficult part of my life. I highly recommend her as a caring EGCM coach.

Sherri G
29 May 2016
Upper Marlboro, MD
Sharon is a gifted coach and healer. I felt like I was in the presence of an angel and felt so safe and loved.


Linda S.
28 September 2016
Cottage Grove, MN
Wayne is a very perceptive and warm-hearted coach. His ability to hold space for his client is phenomenal.

Yongkai O.
29 September 2016
Wayne can sit with a client and hold space very well. He is logical and has great insights. He is very focused and directed and yet so very gentle with his guidance. His energy is very present and warm.

Lyn B.
29 September 2016
Keller, TX
As a woman, I initially had some trepidation of working with Wayne as my coach, but he immediately put me at ease and I felt completely safe to open up to him. I found Wayne to be a compassionate, authentic and gifted coach. He was an excellent listener who gently guided me to hear my own inner wisdom. I can't recommend Wayne enough as a coach to help you discover your own authentic voice, truth and power.

Vivian T.
28 September 2016
San Diego, CA
Wayne is a powerful, insightful and focused coach. His ability to hold magnificent space for clients to explore and connect with their ability to transform and heal. His career as an airline pilot makes him a one-of-a-kind pioneer in the EGCM work. He brings his focus, passion and determination to assist and inspire his clients to a bright future-self.

Herb P.
1 June 2016
Portland, OR
Wayne is genuine, kind, insightful and a truly soulful professional. He is amazing; truly a great life coach.

Beth B.
1 June 2016
Woodstock, IL
Wayne is a very insightful coach. He listens intently with care and concern. He assists clients to realise their own power.
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