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Meet Sharon

Sharon's Story

Born in South Africa to an averagely happy, healthily dysfunctional family, I and my three siblings were raised by parents who truly loved us; apparently a lot more than they could one another……. or so it seemed to our inexperienced life view-point. The complexities of a relationship and the private nature of interpersonal dynamics are not visible to even the adult 'child perspective' and so I hesitate to conceive that I have ever understood their relationship. I was a very shy, but happy child and It was only in my mid-teens that I became somewhat aware that I had developed an unhealthy viewpoint of myself, although, it was not until later, that it really reared it’s ugly head. In my early twenties I met and married my incredible husband, falling deeply in-love and knowing this was the most ‘right thing’ I could ever choose to do, despite only having known one another for six months. And so it was that my grandest and greatest adventure began!

However, our happy years of marriage were slowly and surreptitiously being corroded by an' inner bully' who kept telling me I was not enough for this spectacular man. His appreciation of me and his loving compliments fell like fertile seeds on infertile soil, his love for me was being wasted as I failed to love myself and deem myself worthy of his, until one day the futility of it all prevailed and he felt it worthless to extend it any more. I did not consciously realize how, each time I stood before the mirror, a cruel, belittling liar looked back at me, undermining my self-worth and feeding me crippling mistruths about myself. Not beautiful enough, not thin enough,, not clever enough, not sexy enough, not funny enough, not desirable enough……"all in all, simply NOT ENOUGH" is what I would see, BELIEVE and hear, totally unaware of the warped truth.

My soul, and unbeknown to me, my body, were withering within at my own caustic, toxic waste, eventually driving my now unhappy husband into the arms of another, whilst for me, it was an act that simply proved my own belief that I had been right all along……I was simply not enough of anything and hardly deserving of his love! Needless to say, I could not flourish under the barrage of internal, critical, verbal abuse I fed my wounded soul every day. Eventually I had to do something because the man I loved, my precious children, my family and friends all winced with pain and disbelief at my sincere dislike of self, which none of them could begin to understand. I thought they were the ones who were wrong……. couldn’t they SEE the overweight , ugly, inadequate me that I believed to be real? I was my own judge and jury and I condemned myself to a lonely cage of entrapment.

Then one day I too had had enough. My marriage was compromised and failing, our beloved children were now as unhappy and exasperated as my husband and I was unable to live the life I knew in my heart and soul I was destined to live. I believed in happiness, I believed in love, I believed in Spirit, I believed in Life, but now it was up to ME to believe in ME!! So began a journey of self discovery. I was weary of the shackles that held me back, the limiting self-belief and the destructive lies. I stood before the mirror looking for the real me, I sought her in deep contemplation and communion with Spirit. I could not look for my authentic self through the eyes of others…...in order to move from surviving to thriving, I needed to see her through my very own and that needed a new perspective. One I could only give myself. I am grateful beyond words for I did it!

Our marriage not only survived, but is now even greater than the first ten, happy years and we just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary. I am not only worthy as a partner for this beautiful man, I am worthy partner to myself. Our family is a joyful , loving unit and we as individuals are thriving beyond anything we could ever have imagined. It took work, determination, encouragement from those that love me, even desperation, enthusiasm and ultimately self-love to create my own self-worth, but stepping into the knowledge of I AM ENOUGH has turned my world and the lives of all those I touch, not the the least of whom are my husband and children, into a better place and into a life of unlimited potential, personal fulfillment, joy and contentment!
I am GRATEFUL and humbled and so privileged to assist you to transform your own lives, shed the crippling shackles of the mistruths about yourself and bring back life into your living. I nearly lost mine to a pancreatic tumor that manifested itself due to the toxic internal pain I lived in and so I know the possible cost of how difficult it is to live in the shadow of your own troll, or inner bully and the strangulation of poor self-esteem. I am living in the wonder of a second chance and I want that for you too! My husband, our horses and I will be honored to assist you on your journey of self discovery and help you to reconnect to the light within, for whether you know it yet or not, you are pure light! Namaste !!
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